Summer With Kids

Raising kids at different ages and stages is a challenge…and no matter what people say, it does NOT get easier as they get older and kids do NOT grow out of tantrums!

This is how I begin every single day….and how I end almost every single day.

I start with good intentions and a plan — a plan which is quickly derailed by the kids.  Sometimes it’s a change in schedule or a missed alarm. Sometimes it’s an impromptu playdate.  Most of the time it’s the fighting.  And bickering.  And whining.  And bickering.  And fighting.  And whining.  ((SIGH))


This is what the garbage can looks like after a weekend.  My boys have chosen to opt out of living life in the outside world and have chosen instead to exist in the basement with their animated world and online friends.  I have truly given up.  I’m so tired of the battle that ensues when I try to get them to do anything but “game” that it’s just easier to ignore them.  That’s probably a bad tactic but it’s all I have right now.

Not one “natural” food product in the lot.  This photo depresses me, actually.  Let’s move on.


Both of the girls are really into shopping right now.  We had a couple of hours to kill while Kellan was at nature camp the other morning so Eliza asked if I would take her and a friend to the outdoor mall nearby.  I had barely parked the car when they disappeared into the nearest Aeropostale.  As soon as Larissa set eyes on Justice, she insisted that we go inside.  She really gets into the whole process of picking out and trying on clothes.  It’s like watching a model walk at Fashion Week the way she works the mirror.  Eliza just outgrew her Justice addiction a year or two ago, and Larissa is picking up just where she left off.  UGH.

I play on a really fun sand volleyball league every Sunday night.  It’s my second year of playing and I love it.  The younger kids love coming with me, mostly because there are always other kids to play with and they can spend most of the time doing this.  (Did I mention, Sunday night is always bath night??)


Every now and again our wonderful babysitter comes and relieves me.  One hour without kids feels amazing.  Of course I miss them…but they are always just a selfie away 😉

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