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Travel Size

“Mom! You forgot to pack my strawberry toothpaste!” “I couldn’t pack it. We did carry-ons so I couldn’t pack a tube of stuff that big. You’ll have to use some of my little toothpaste.” “But it’s minty! I hate minty.” “Just give it a try.” “Yuck. It’s terrible! Look hold on. I won’t brush too…

Camping With Grown-Ups

Camping humor. Classic. For the last several years my camping trips have all involved our RV and a bear named Yogi. Over the Memorial Day weekend however, I went camping with grown-ups. In a tent. When friends of mine from the gym invited a bunch of us to crash their annual Memorial Day camping trip…

Scary Monsters

“Mom? Mom?” “Bob, you should be asleep by now.” “Yeah, but I can’t stop thinking about this nightmare Adam told me he had about the lady who lives on his street who’s kind of scary. In the nightmare she had black teeth and her husband had white eyes and he kidnapped Adam.” “That sounds like…

Places I’ve Pumped Part 3 — The Time it Got Awkward

Or: Thank you ObamaCare! Or: I Just Met You…and This is Crazy. I planned to present the “Places I’ve Pumped” Series in chronological order, but this one was too good to not instantly tell. And by “good” I mean “terribly awkward.” I am district trainings and workshops this whole week. Long sessions in different buildings…

Why/How I Don’t Scream at My Kids

We all want to live life without regret. We all, I think, have this wonderful, sunset picture of the end of our life, where we want to be able to look back on our actions and say, “Yeah, I rocked it up. Good life.” I want to die without major regrets. Sure, I’ll make stupid,…

Glitter Jars

This craft was so easy! The Younger had a great time, and I absolutely love the way they came out We gathered glass jars that I had been saving for a while, Elmer’s Glue, glitter, and some paint brushes. I mixed some of the glue with water, and off we went!


40. 40. 40! 40!!!!!!!! My birthday is next week, and yes, I will be 40. I feel so…..grown. Almost like I know everything, but I’m still learning. I don’t feel “40”, and I don’t think I look “40”, which is a good thing. 😉 My kids are super excited for my birthday. Although, at first…

Look Fast

“Mom? Are you okay?” “I guess so.” “That ball hit you really hard in the face.” “It did. It feels really bad.” “I know. Remember when that happened to me those two times?” “Yeah. Well, whoever threw it, it was just an accident.” “Doesn’t it feel like your nose is falling out of your face…