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I Did What I Said I Wouldn’t Do…….

I did it. I bought my son a cell phone. I have a really good reason though!!! We don’t have a home phone, so if something happens my kids have no way of getting in touch with me. What could possibly happen?? Their dad watches them while I work, he’s almost 50!! Anything could happen!!…

Artwork Display

Now that The Younger has started kindergarten, I am overwhelmed with papers. I figured out that each person in the house needs a bin that they are responsible for checking if they’re missing paperwork or to see if they have mail (this is mostly for the 6’6″ child in my house), but I was struggling…

Yeah, That

“… and that’s what they mean by ‘genetic trait.’” “So, Mom? Like the genetic traits I have from you are my hair color and my skin color and the ones I get from Dad are that I’m tall and smart?” “Yeah, and I think you could say you get ‘smart’ from both of us.” “I…

My Summer Project

I had this crazy idea that I was going to do 4 giant mosaics on the front of my art building. I enlisted one of my staff members that I know would support me on anything, was a great draw-er, and I knew I could count on her. I had this rudimentary drawing and she…

Starting Off The School Year With A BANG!

Turns out that my wonderful, adorable, so well behaved angelic children, are just plain children after all. Noisy, talkative, interrupting children. Both of them have been getting into trouble at school. Lex actually had to call me yesterday to explain what he had done and to let me know his card was now on yellow. They…

Front Row Seat

> “Mom! Check it out. When it’s night time, the front window’s like a mirror and I can totally practice my Michael Jackson moves and see myself at the same time! Sometimes I spin into the couch, but it’s cool.”

CVS Health Makes a New Promise for Your Health

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“Okay, Bob. Good night. See you in the morning.” “Wait, Mom? Can I get a drink of water?” “Your water is right here on your desk.” “Okay. Good night. Mom? Don’t we need to get new soccer shoes?” “Yes, Bob. Now it’s time to stop talking and start sleeping. Goodnight.” “Mom, one more thing.” “What,…

Organizing Stuffed Animals

The Younger loves stuffed animals. She refuses to part with any of them, and that leads to messes like this: The rooms in our house are pretty small, so any sort of clutter immediately looks like a disaster area. We pick up our rooms almost daily, so it gets frustrating when no matter what you do, you…