Fun things to do for Fall in Michigan

note: Let me just start by saying that I hate the term “bucket list” since it refers to “kicking the bucket”. I am blogging with the SITS girls fall challenge, so I will change mine to fall fun in Michigan!

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1) Watching the leaves change colors & Making a collage
This is my favorite part of living in the midwest. Season change is so beautiful and awe inspiring to share with your loved ones. I want to make a fall collage with the girls of different leaf colors. Mini is really good with her colors. It wasn’t until age 3 that Baby Bear could name the color no matter how hard I tried. We will also do some obligatory leaf rubbing pictures too.

2)Apple Picking and making delish baked apple dishes
We go the first week in October, so pictures to come!

3)Cider Mill & doughnuts
Ok, I admit it… I was at the Franklin Cider mill on the opening weekend, but we only took Baby Bear, so family trip is still on the table.

4) Running outdoors
I went on my first official outdoor run today. Shout out to my friend who inspired me to go! I was told that my foot doesn’t work enough to run, so I will keep working with my athletic trainer to make sure everything is all right.

5)Build a Sukkah & Shake a lulav
We like to celebrate Baby Bear’s birthday on Sukkot (the Jewish holiday where you make an outdoor booth to live in.)

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