Repurpose Changing Table

The Younger needed a desk, and we missed all the “Back to School” sales. She didn’t need anything major, but I did want there to be enough room for her computer and mouse, plus some extra room for papers and such. I figured we’d go to yard sales or whatnot, but sometimes getting something like that is more trouble than its worth in the end (think lifting, loading, unloading, carrying up the stairs).

I began thinking about what we had around the house, and I realized her changing table might work. I searched Pinterest (of course!), but there wasn’t anything that was designed like the one she had, so I had to come up with an plan on my own.

I think it came out well. All I had to do was removed the brackets that held the drawers, take the back off, and then remove the front lip at the bottom that secured it (which we then switched around to the back and drilled in place for more stability). We had to use a jigsaw for the bottom to cut it out (we wanted to keep the cabinet on the side for her computer tower), so that was the only ‘real’ hardware need.

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