The Smell of Pumpkin


I was challenged by the SITS girls to write a blog post about The Five Senses of Fall. I chose to write this blog post about the Smells of Fall. 

Have I mentioned in previous blog posts how much I love Fall?

It is by far my most favorite season of them all.

The leaves change colors, the air gets crisper and colder, and the smell of pumpkin wafts through the house.

I love pumpkin.

I have since I was young.

Every year for Thanksgiving and Christmas, my mom would make a pumpkin pie and would let us go crazy with the whipped cream on top.

Let’s fast forward to when I was pregnant with Rylie. It was the day before Thanksgiving and we were heading up to Syracuse to spend time with J’s family. I had asked if we should bring a pumpkin pie to Thanksgiving dinner (because obviously I was craving pumpkin pie like crazy) and J told me “No, they’ll have pumpkin pie there, they always do.” I said “Ok, but I could bring more just in case.” He told me no, and that I was being silly and to just trust him. Sure ok, I’ll bring an apple pie instead.

So, the time comes for Thanksgiving dinner and my eye catches the dessert table. NO PUMPKIN PIE! I lean over to J and say “Uh, there’s no pumpkin pie on that table.” He tells me “Oh it’s probably just in the oven still or in the fridge.” Mmmhmm, okay. I had my suspicions.

All through dinner I wanted to ask but kept my mouth shut until it was time for dessert. His aunt asked me what I would like and I said “Do you have any pumpkin pie?” To which she said “No, sorry, we don’t”. I looked over at J and glared at him and said “See! I should have brought a pumpkin pie!” Apparently, his aunt had decided to stop making the pumpkin pies since no one really ate them anymore at the dinners. WHAT?!

I ended up eating a piece of apple pie that I brought, but was pretty much angry at J until we got back to our hotel and told him “You BETTER find this pregnant lady a piece of pumpkin pie…and soon.” Of course, it being Thanksgiving, nothing was really open and I would have to wait until the next morning. At 8am I was woken up to the scent of a decaf Pumpkin Spice Latte  from Starbucks and was told that when we got back home we would get a pumpkin pie.

Eventually when we got home, I did have that pumpkin pie, but it wasn’t the same. I ended up in tears with J trying to console me. I will be bringing pumpkin pie to every Thanksgiving and Christmas we attend with his family.

Better safe than sorry in my book! 

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