White Chocolate Wonderful Cookies

I’ve been trying new cookie recipes lately and an idea came to me to make White Chocolate Wonderful Cookies. I bought White Chocolate Wonderful Peanut Butter from Target (I believe Trader Joes might have it as well) and hadn’t really used it a whole lot. I figured this would be the best use for it, and boy was I right.


I just used a basic peanut butter cookie recipe that I’ve had for years but I added in some semi-sweet chocolate chips.

in the bowl

I was pretty excited about this idea, seeing as how White Chocolate Wonderful Peanut Butter is pretty amazing. It’s just a bit overly sweet for me to put on bread. What happened to my sweet tooth?!


Can I tell you the joy these cookies bring when you add in some chocolate chips? It’s like an extra layer of gooey yumminess that I can’t even describe to you.

Folded In Chocolate Chips

One thing I’ve learned with cookies, is if you want them to be crunchy on the edges and nice and gooey and chewy in the middle, you need to chill your cookie dough. I chilled the dough for about 2 hours, but you can go overnight or even freeze them after you form them into balls so you can bake them whenever you want a couple.

chillin in the fridge

It was hard waiting those 2 hours for the dough to chill, but I ended up keeping myself busy by making lunch for Rylie and me, and then we colored for a bit.

dough on cookie sheet

Finally, it was time to bake these awesome cookies. The first batch I left as balls and didn’t smash them down. I was trying to experiment on if they would be better like that, or if smashing them down a bit with a glass was better.


They came out pretty good, but I ended up liking the ones that I smooshed down a little with a glass bottom. They came out more uniform and a little less poofy. I dunno, I feel like those cookies are bigger and thus, they won out.

White Chocolate Wonderful Cookies

The end result (after they cooled of course) was such a great peanut butter cookie. The amount of white chocolate is just what I like, it’s not overpowering at all, and it’s still the texture of a regular peanut butter cookie. The semi-sweet chocolate chips add just the right amount of extra chocolaty goodness.

If you like the way it looks, you can always do the hash marks with a fork (either before or after you cook them). I honestly don’t care for them so I left them untouched.

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