Monthly Archives January 2015

Playing by the Non-Rules

“Bob I don’t think you can hold the puck like that and move it around with your thing.” “Yeah you can. I read the rules.” “It says you can do that in the rules?” “No, but it doesn’t say you can’t.”

Wall Art

Here’s an easy one- go to a thrift store, buy some picture frames, then paint them to match your decor. Next, hand those frames, empty and without glass. Next time your child creates a masterpiece, you can temporarily ‘frame’ it by simply sticking it to the wall with a piece of tape. It’s an exciting…


“So, Bob? Dad leaves China tomorrow night, but gets back tomorrow morning.” “Whoa. That’s weird. Like coming back from the future.” “Yeah. He’s going to be pretty tired.” “But when he gets back from someplace he feels better really fast… unlike you.” “What do you mean?” “You came back from New York that time which…

Shaving: 101

We went to the library drop-in again this week. There was a big tub of shaving cream for the kids to muck around with. Only the brave Thomas ventured in (though I’m sure little miss Dea would have joined him if she was at the daycare). How fun is this? Maryam loved the drop-in. Her…