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Making Menus

I snapped the picture above while we were playing make believe outside one day. We had just taken the car (rode in the sled) to Nema’s house. (Nema is Thomas’s grandmother, and her house is apparently on the east side of Lithuania Park.) I was lying down to go to sleep at ‘Nema’s’, which is…


> “I can’t believe you guys kept playing while it was raining, Bob.” “Well, Coach Tom said, (British accent) ‘A little wet? Unlucky! Play on! Play on!’”

Valentine’s Daycare Party!

Before I get to the Valentine’s bash, I had to include a couple of photos of Amadea and Leila playing babies after dinner one night. It is adorable to see. They feed their babies very well! Here are some of the Valentine’s crafts we did this year. We didn’t do a lot. The kids were…