Making Menus

I snapped the picture above while we were playing make believe outside one day. We had just taken the car (rode in the sled) to Nema’s house. (Nema is Thomas’s grandmother, and her house is apparently on the east side of Lithuania Park.) I was lying down to go to sleep at ‘Nema’s’, which is when I saw the sun shining behind these two…and, well….I really like to photograph the sun and sky in my photos…especially behind these cuties!

Isn’t he gorgeous?! Happy boy!

Years ago, when Noah was less in school, and more in the daycare, I had them make menus. In time, most of those menus got ripped apart. We still, however, had one that had not completely fallen apart yet, and the current daycare kids always use it. So, it was definitely time to make new menus.

The first day we worked on them, the kids chose a name for their restaurant, and decorated their front covers. Thomas called his “Superhero Restaurant”, Amadea called hers “Dea’s Restaurant”, and Leila called hers “Frozen Restaurant” (as in the movie, not as in frozen food).

The second day, we looked through magazines and found pictures of food they would like to serve in their restaurants. At this age, I didn’t worry about categorizing it into ‘Starters’, ‘Mains’, etc. And with the exception of saying, maybe once or twice, that it would be nice to also order some veggies in their restaurants, I did not interfere with their food choices. I love how Thomas’s menu then ended up featuring a huge picture of brussel sprouts, while all the other photos on his menu were desserts. 🙂 At least he had one type of vegetable available, which is more than I could say for most of the menus. Noah’s menu features a steak that costs $80.99, but you get it free if you order the $14 chicken and fries combo. 🙂

The babies did get a little bored with this, which is also why we split the project into two days. The second day, Maryam was away, but Marcus discovered his love for tearing paper. We just had to watch that he didn’t also ingest it!

That’s it for now. But I just wanted to also share these pics I took this morning of little Stevie Nicks and her firefighter friend. (Sorry, I saw Fleetwood Mac a few weeks ago!)

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