Valentine’s Daycare Party!

Before I get to the Valentine’s bash, I had to include a couple of photos of Amadea and Leila playing babies after dinner one night. It is adorable to see. They feed their babies very well!

Here are some of the Valentine’s crafts we did this year. We didn’t do a lot. The kids were more into running around and playing, than sitting and doing crafts. Plus the babies couldn’t do much in the way of crafts, so the activity was less focused than it has been in some years. 

We did do this awesome craft, where you make animal faces out of hearts, although a few of the animals ended up looking quite angry! We’ll have to refine it a bit for next year. 😉

Here are some of the decorations we had up for the Valentine’s party. I can just feel your excitement building….;)

A big thanks to Dollarama once again. Where would I be without you?!

The party-goers were: Leila, Noah, B., Thomas, Amadea, Maryam, Salim and Shivani. We also had a lot of help from B.’s mom, and Salim’s older brother and sister! Oh, AND, Noah’s big brother Jacob stopped by for the party!

We had: heart-shaped pancakes (with syrup or icing sugar to sprinkle on top, but most of the kids opted for plain), chocolate cupcakes with pink icing and heart sprinkles, heart sugar cookies, and a variety of treats that the kids had given to each other (and of course, me to them).

Each child was given their own little bag to put their Valentines and treats into. I also sent home with each kid, a twirly straw, a heart cup, and a separate treat bag from me. They had a lot of loot! (Just the way it should be!)

Marcus was home sick, and missed the party. But baby Maryam got to take part in the celebration! It was a little overwhelming for her, and on top of that she was teething, but she was a real trooper around all the craziness!

I love the picture below of sweet Shivani (whom we haven’t had over for some time!) and Amadea. Notice the huge cookie in Amadea’s hand. Yes, a terrible amount of sugar for the kids on this day, but you gotta indulge once in a while! Aaaannnnd, nobody puked! Bonus!

After lunch the kids played freeze-dance. They danced to the music, and when the music stopped, they had to find a heart to stand on. One heart was taken away each time.

I don’t need to convince you they had a blast! Check out their awesome dance moves!

Noah’s big brother Jacob, Salim’s older sister Sofia, and his older brother Rustam, were super helpful. While I cleaned up from the disaster that was the dining room, they helped with the games.

Here’s a video of the dancing. Noah kept saying REM. I didn’t really understand what he was talking about until we started up the music and “What’s the Frequency Kenneth” started playing. I think he might have heard that CD once months and months ago (we have a lot of old 90’s cds). Apparently, he found it on a cd shelf in his room and took it upon himself to put it in the dvd player. Little rascal! There was no point switching it over to Raffi, as they seemed happy enough with it!

The kids also played a game where they had to keep balloons in the air. This was Sofia’s idea, and the kids loved it!

I had also made a large sheet (Bristol board taped together) with hearts taped onto it. On each heart was a number. The kids had to, one at a time, stand behind the carpet and toss a heart bracelet onto the poster. If their heart bracelet was touching a heart, they got the points written on that heart. Each child got 3 bracelets to throw on his/her turn. They loved this so much that they played round after round. By the end of the game, the total points for most of the kids neared 100!

This party was so great, because there were no tears about not doing well, The kids did not show a competitive spirit (at least not in a negative way), even though they might have. (Thank goodness! We want everyone happy and having fun!)

Lastly, here are the kids playing Simon Says. They loved this, because each of them got a turn to be Simon – except it was “Thomas Says”, or “Noah Says”. They loved this! (Thanks again to Sofia for running this game!)

I leave you with a couple of pictures of the littlest Valentine, Marcus. Even though he missed the party, he returned this week in his Adidas jacket, looking cuter than ever!

Don’t mess with this tough guy!

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