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Furnishing Your Home on a Dime

For many years, it was necessary for me to decorate on a dime. By getting furniture at Goodwill, shopping yard sales, inheriting goods from my parents and above all, by grifting. Never know whatyou’ll find at Goodwill… Grifting. This could well be one of my favorite words. A good friend has grown tired of something…

The Get Away

For a couple of days, they’re both my side of the bed. For the next three days, I’m attending a conference. I just checked into the hotel and I’m feeling a tiny bit ridiculous. I’ve traveled around to some excellent cities for conferences before and this one is in one of my favorite cities, Los…

Healthy Snacks for School

Moms are always looking for great snack options.  Zing sent me some samples to try.  Baby Bear is REALLY picky.  She also gets hangry (hungry + angry) if she doesn’t eat.  I try and try, but she just wants the basics.  This kid used to eat fish, seaweed, and was a fruit monster.  Now…nada.  She is…

Visit to Fire Station 423!

We took another trip to the local fire station on Monday. The last time we went was during the March Break. Drew was away with his family at that time, and missed our trip. Since then, fire trucks have become one of his favourite things ever. He calls them “wee-oos” (because of the sound of…

Blue Skies

Oh how quickly the pictures do add up, when you are a compulsive photographer! So these were taken a couple of weeks ago, when Amadea and Marcellus’s parents had us over for some more gardening. The last time, they had helped the kids to plant. This time, it was all about picking some vegetables to…