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BrittanieBrittanie was married to Matt in June of 2005, and shortly thereafter became pregnant with their first child. Unfortunately Cora Rei was stillborn on May 2, 2006 (38w1d) due to a cord accident. Brittanie has since had two "rainbow babies" (so called because rainbows bring color back in to the world after a storm): Erin Rielle was born June 7, 2007 and Patrick Reese was born February 25, 2009. She is currently a stay-at-home mom, enjoying every moment she has, and trying to see every day as the miracle that it is.

First birthdays

I just finished writing a post on my other blog for my son since it is his first birthday today.  And I have to take a moment to reflect on Cora’s first birthday.  Part of me thought that I wouldn’t have this little sadness today, since I’ve already done a living child’s first birthday and…

What not to say

Just wanted to add a list of things not to say to someone going through a loss, and reasons why. ~ “Maybe there was something wrong with the baby.”  ((In the end, they would gladly take a baby with disabilities over no baby at all.)) ~”God has a plan.” ((DO NOT say anything about God…

A loss is a loss

I must admit, it sort of always bothers me to have women who have miscarriages to talk about Cora’s stillbirth and say “Oh, I can’t imagine what that was like,” or “I thought this was hard, it must be worse for you.”  If it truly makes them feel better, well, fine.  But in the end,…

The Mourner’s Bill of Rights

((I found this in a newsletter for The Compassionate Friends that I was given shortly after Cora died.  I’ve read it many times since, just to remind myself that things are “okay” for me to feel. I just wanted to share it.)) The Mourner’s Bill of Rights By Alan D. Wolfelt, PhD 1. You have…

Can we talk about the big pink elephant please?

As I said in a previous post, when I was pregnant with Cora we lived in a small town with a 4-year religious university.  We belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (also known as Mormons), and that school was BYU-Idaho.  The ward (congregation) we went to was specifically for married students…


I don’t know what it is.  Knowing that life is so fragile and things can fall apart in an instant…it’s always a worry.  Last night I dreamed I was in labor.  Maybe I was having cramps, I don’t know.  Anyway, unlike most labor dreams I’ve had, the baby was fine. But my husband had died…

Existing vs living

Sometimes it’s hard to tell when you’re just existing and when you’re really living your life.  The last few days have been a fog.  I’ve been dealing with chronic headaches lately, which likely have several causes all piled on top of each other.  Needless to say this makes me very tired and I’ve just been…