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BrookeLeibermanBrooke is a mother, wife, designer, entrepreneur behind <a href="" target="_blank">Baby Bear Hugs</a>. She is an alumni of The University of Michigan <strong>{GO BLUE}</strong> and holds a BFA in Art & Design.  Teaching and creating art (by Re-Using materials and recycling) is really important to her as well as the cornerstone of her new Upcycled clothing line.  <br /> <br /> Before becoming a mom, as an artist/Jeweler she coordinated the manufacturing for a large eco-friendly online jewelry retailer at Casting House in Chicago and worked as a bench Jewelry for the award winning designer Eve J. Alfille in Evanston.  She also has been teaching in informal education for 7 years. <br /> <br /> Connect with her on <a href="" target="_blank">Facebook</a> and read about her life and crafting adventures her on the blog.

Celebrate Coffee with Delicious Recipes!

Powdered creamers really gross me out.  What are they made out of if they are not even dairy!  I found this really cool creamer that not only flavors your coffee, it also keeps you on your health and fitness goals.  They use all natural ingredients like coconut.  Make a cup of coffee for national coffee day and…

Healthy Snacks for School

Moms are always looking for great snack options.  Zing sent me some samples to try.  Baby Bear is REALLY picky.  She also gets hangry (hungry + angry) if she doesn’t eat.  I try and try, but she just wants the basics.  This kid used to eat fish, seaweed, and was a fruit monster.  Now…nada.  She is…

Classroom Prep DIY

I am the first Art teacher that my school has EVER had. There is a new management company here, so they are bringing in all of the arts to enrich the program and develop well rounded students. My school is an urban school in Detroit, and I don’t have a budget to get supplies and things ready for my art room….

Edible Math Fun for Preschoolers

Baby Bear loves patterns and numbers, so we took some of her M&M snack and played some games during our tea party. You don’t need anything special for counting with little ones. Even your food can do! Start with easy things like numbers and counting. Then move on to color sorting, sequencing from most to…

Alphabet hopscotch

We are taking advantage of the last precious warm days outside. Baby Bear is learning letters in preschool, so I try to find fun ways to reinforce it at home. You don’t need anything special do this besides chalk.

~Bedroom Updo~

Baby Bear is growing so fast and is so tall that her little toddler bed is getting too small for her. We looked and looked for a solution for her new bed. I thought about a bunk bed since she shares a room with Mini but I couldn’t find anything that I loved enough to…

Fire Safety for Preschoolers

This week was Fire Prevention Week. I took Baby Bear to our local fire station open house. They had lots of different fun things for kids to do, but I think that the most important thing that they teach kids is fire safety. Baby Bear and Mini have lit candles for religious reasons and are…

Apple Quick Bread Recipe {whole grain + sugar free}

My girls love to help me cook. Baby Bear wanted to make apple muffins, so I whipped this up with their help! Ingredients 2 cups Trader Joe’s Multigrain Baking & Pancake mix 2/3 cup yogurt, milk, or sour cream 1/3 cup maple syrup 1 egg 1Tbl vanilla extract 2 tsp cinnamon 1 cup grated apple…

Fun things to do for Fall in Michigan

note: Let me just start by saying that I hate the term “bucket list” since it refers to “kicking the bucket”. I am blogging with the SITS girls fall challenge, so I will change mine to fall fun in Michigan! image from 1) Watching the leaves change colors & Making a collage This is…