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Cinella @ The Mommy BlogCinella from The Mommy Blog here. Wanna learn more about me? Well, I'm 26, Texas, Wife, Mommy (2 girls) and I love blogging and passionate about the environment and my family! Been blogging for only two years and I love it! So many interesting and knowledgeable bloggers out there. Thanks for letting me be apart of the bloggy world. Cinella @ The Mommy Blog

Sunday Night Special – Smells fishy!

Oh man, late night cravings are the worst, aren’t they? No, I’m not pregnant (at least I don’t think I am). But my husband has it worse than I do. On a limited budget he will still stop at HEB to get a pack of cookies or donuts to eat late at night. It’s so…

Toddler DIY – Halloween Rolly Monsters

Welcome to another week of Toddler DIY! I started these posts two weeks ago and there are more to come! Each Thursday (hopefully) I will share a craft, project, art, recipe that Eliada, my 4 year old practically created herself! We do lots of things together.  We hardly leave each others side, and with this post we will share some…

TMB – Weight Loss Journal- Week 1

Welcome to Week 1 of my weight loss journal! I have been working out for the past two weeks but just joined a weight loss challenge hosted by Lee on Youtube. Go check his channel out, he’s a great guy. So, not really how how this challenge is gonna work, but this is just a…

Toddler DIY – Over the Rainbow

Welcome to DIY Toddler… name is still in the works so please leave a comment with any suggestions that you have. We are always doing crafts and little things, even cooking together and I might have a little more time to blog about it so that’s the idea till the holidays. A few days ago…

What You Talking About?

Thought I would do an update on Eliada’s Speech Therapy! She started going to Speech therapy, two years ago, but it wasn’t going very well. She was a little over three years old and Daddy could not understand her. I could of course and so did Yvette, her older sister. Anywho, my husband would take…

DIY Beauty

I rarely buy myself items to pamper myself, so a few weeks ago I was on pinterest and saw some DIY scrubs and I made a few. I gave one to my cousin because I really don’t like the face mask thingy, but the other ones I have used a few times. Not to mention…

Homemade Spaghetti Recipe *Kid-Friendly*

Happy Thursday! Who’s ready for Friday? I probably say it too much, bur Friday is like any other day for most moms… but tomorrow I am excited! We’ll be going on a road trip to take the girls to a different park, have a pic-nic and visit the mall and carousel. Because of that we’ve…

Homemade Laundry Detergent

Hope ya’ll are having a great Holiday with family and friends. I think we’re having a great time! ((These posts are scheduled)) We are out of town and I hope you enjoy this post from Amanda at Simple Saving Savvy. Thanks to Amanda for sharing her recipe with us. I think ya’ll will love it…