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KarithHey, Y'all I'm Karith, a Texas-raised bi-coastal transplant and I am on way to becoming a first-time mommy. I am also a 30-something professional stand-up comedian, author and speaker who resides in both NYC and LA. I performs on each coast and many of the states in between. I recently got married and even more recently found out that we were pregnant. Yes, it’s a “Honeymoon Baby”! So, now, because of my occupation I have to have fun, make fun, and laugh my way through this major event in my life. I want all of you who can relate to have a laugh too and if all goes well- something pretty fantastic- aside from my first child will come out of this. You can read more about my adventure on <a href="" target="_blank"></a> and learn more about me and my comedy on <a href="" target="_blank"></a>.

Pregnancy Bonus? Say What?!

I am ALL about the bonus structure. I like bonus gifts when you win something, bonus points on a game, even bonus questions on a test (yes, I am that nerdy). So you know darn well that I like the bonuses that come from carrying the “Little Bean” around in my bel-bel. Yes, there are…

Creepiest Breastfeeding Ad EVER???!!!

Notice anything odd? Like a full set of teeth? Those of you who know me know that I am the biggest fan of doing things naturally. I eat organically as often as possible. I use all natural cleaning products- I mix vinegar and water to clean my kitchen and bathroom. I’ve even cut out using…

Is Jessica Simpson an Elephant Or Is it Just Me?

Now before anyone gets all huffy I am NOT at all making a dig at her weight gain. I personally think those people who mocked or made fun of her in the media are jackasses and over-glorified bullies. Not that I’m the biggest Jessica Simpson fan in the world, but I do think she was absolutely…