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KelThese days, I feel like I wear many hats: chef, secretary, financial planner, immigrant, speech therapist, that crazy lady down the street... At the end of the day, though, it always comes down to being a loving wife to my husband John and a mom to our two kids, Eric and Danny. It amazes me daily how quickly they grow and how much they fill our lives with joy. I spend most of my time blogging about the daily adventures of motherhood, and I am proud to be a part of the JustMommies blog family both as a contributor and editor. <br> <br> John and I are blessed to be parents to a special needs child. Our younger son Danny was born with congenital CMV, and I am active in the community trying to spread awareness of this surprisingly common illness. Among his challenges, Danny is deaf, and he uses cochlear implants to hear.

Raising a Reader

I don’t think there is a person out there, today, that doesn’t recognize the importance of reading to kids. In a world filled with electronic media and instant gratification, actually sitting down and reading a book is something we almost need to fight to maintain. John and I are both avid readers. Our office could…

Being Atypical

The Internet is a wonderful and terrible place sometimes. One of the things I have leaned on through our entire journey with hearing loss have been the other blogs, the other kids and parents who have gone and are going down the same road we are. I share their journeys, worry through cochlear implant surgeries…

Are You Talking To Me?

Was it less than a month ago that Lucas’Mommy commented on how her little guy was responding when she called, and that it would be sooner than I thought for Danny? Yes, I do believe it was. Her words were true. Our evening was typical: supper was eaten and done for everyone, and Danny was…

Marching for Healthy Babies

The March of Dimes is one of those organizations that most everyone knows about, to a small degree. They stand up for babies, make them healthy, and fight prematurity. Who hasn’t heard of them, right? I learned, last year, that they do so much more than that. They research stillbirth and provide education to help…