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NavyKayI am a cloth-diapering, baby-wearing, photography loving mom to Lawson, 2, and Naomi May, 5 months. I'm married to my best friend, Dustin, who is a pilot in the Navy and a house renovating extraordinaire. Days go by quickly, so here's to remembering today... and seriously, if I didn't write this stuff down, it would be lost forever! Have a baby, lose your mind!!!

Today There are Words.

A year ago, I had books on my nightstand about happiness, birthing, and babies.  I was waiting for Quincy to join us and complete our family, and I was happy.  Today, my nightstand has a big basket full of medical equipment.  An oxygen saturation monitor, a stethoscope, inhaler medication, spacers, and nasal aspirators sit where…

The Tooth Fairytale

Once I had a girl who broke her tooth.  So, off to the dentist we went to get it fixed.  My expectations for her cooperation were very low after she bit the dentist’s “barbie mirror” during our first visit.  She showed signs of feeling nervous when the dentist came to get started on her tooth. …

Baby Sharp Tooth

I’d like to introduce you to my baby sharp tooth.  She went for her first visit to the dentist a few days ago.  Her very sweet dentist made fast friends with her and even got permission to take a look at her “pretty princess teeth” with her “neat barbie mirror.”  All went well until the…

Keep Calm and Carry On

We’ve all seen the posters… but I think the “panic and freak out” version is often my first reaction.  Being calm is a conscious choice.  Especially in the midst of chaos. Motherhood is chaotic much of the time.  Today, simultaneously, Lawson was throwing a fit wanting to play with me, Quincy woke up crying from…

Sitting Up = Cooler than Spitting Up

Quincy is working on a new trick. Falling has proven sometimes fun and sometimes very frustrating.  But, she’s already improved her technique since yesterday, when she suddenly stayed sitting after I let go.  I’m also quite sure there are teeth on the way.  She seems to be in a bit of a hurry!

Three Months

My little Quinni Mini has officially made it through “the fourth trimester.”  Those first three months are basically like a gestation period outside the womb.  Now, she’s finally seeming like a real little person, which is really fun!  At three months, Quincy weighs in at 12lbs 10oz (60th percentile) and is 24.5″ long (88th percentile). …

Bike Parade

Nothing is quite as festive as a parade!  My friend and neighbor, Ashley, hosted the Parade and Popsicle party, and the only thing that could have made it better was a cooler to sit in!  It was a sweaty, sweaty parade, but we had a great time!  Everyone brought things to decorate with, then we…