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NavyKayI am a cloth-diapering, baby-wearing, photography loving mom to Lawson, 2, and Naomi May, 5 months. I'm married to my best friend, Dustin, who is a pilot in the Navy and a house renovating extraordinaire. Days go by quickly, so here's to remembering today... and seriously, if I didn't write this stuff down, it would be lost forever! Have a baby, lose your mind!!!

When Skies Are Grey…

…you put on your rain boots! It’s all the rage at our house to put them on the wrong feet. And apparently the pants were optional. The skies were looking rather dismal when the kids woke up from nap time today.

Cultivate My Plate

(Okay, so that only half makes sense.  Mostly, it just rhymes.  And I like rhymes.  They’re catchy!) So, Memorial Day weekend was quite the plethora of celebratory activities. Namely, barbecues.  At one of those barbecues, Dustin saw our neighbor’s watermelon plant and began to have lust in his heart.  Maybe even his soul!  He needed…

Big Shoes

Daddy’s got some big shoes to fill when he has to be gone for work. But we had this crazy little guy running around the house who was willing to do the job, despite still being sick. There was a wee bit of confusion straight out of the gate as to who’s shoes he was…

What I Love About Sick Days….

No one likes a Negative Nancy.  So I’m being Positive Polly… or whatever Nancy’s happier counterpart is called, after this brief rant. We’ve been sick for over a month straight around here.  Lawson kicked off the latest sickness with a bang gag at the beginning of the week.  I’ve been avoiding the eyes of death…

Gnomie May

Me:  You’re my special girl!  (or insert a different term of endearment – Num Num, Sweetheart, Cutie, even Puppy Dog when she’s pretending to be one, as she often does these days) Naomi:  No!  I not.  I Gnomie May.  *stern face* Naomi is growing up and finding her identity.  She is owning her name and…

Make it a Double

Sometimes it’s super fun to make it a double.  Other times, not so much, like when it’s a double ear and double eye infection. Lawson had a slight fever and cough a couple days ago, but it seemed to have cleared up yesterday morning.  Then he woke up from nap with copious amounts of green…

A Party in Pictures

Naomi had her birthday party today.  What can be said about a party for a two year old?  There were pools, bubbles, a sprinkler, music, food & drinks, cupcakes (of course), some really good friends, a few decorations, and a lot of heat and fun!  I’ll let the photos do the talking, because I. am….