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SmacksyLisa Rae Page Rosenberg is a survivor of 16 years in the television business. She worked, by turns, as a writer, director, producer, casting associate, and the gal who gets everybody’s Starbucks order. Later, she spent time as a counselor at an outpatient program for adorable teens with un-adorable psych and addiction issues. Working in the orbit of actors, rock stars, comedians, and teenagers prepared her for a current gig as the stay-at-home mother of a pre-schooler named Bob. Lisa writes a family humor blog called Smacksy and on occasion, enjoys talking about herself in the third person.

Define Fun

Bob returned home from camp last Saturday but his letter to us just arrived today.Dear Mom, Dad and Teddy,I am having soooo much fun. Sleeping Sunday night was easy and Monday I woke up in the middle of the night and had a headake. My favorite part of camp is the hikes. I also twisted…

The Get Away

For a couple of days, they’re both my side of the bed. For the next three days, I’m attending a conference. I just checked into the hotel and I’m feeling a tiny bit ridiculous. I’ve traveled around to some excellent cities for conferences before and this one is in one of my favorite cities, Los…

Back-to-School Night

Dear Mom, I really hope you have lots of fun. My teacher is really nice. Thank you for letting me go to this school. Thank you for packing me good lunches. Thank you for being a great family. I hope you love Miss Wilson. I love you! Love, Bob

Excitement = Run-On Sentence

“Can we leave now, Mom?” “No, babe. It’s 7:00am. Summer school doesn’t start for an hour.” “Okay, but I want to be on time because I’m meeting Felix and then we have almost every class together and I’m not sure which one is going to be my favorite either because it’s maybe gonna be stop…


“Mom? I have decided that I am going to be a vegetarian except for the turkey sandwiches you put in my lunch. And tacos. And chicken’s still good. And hamburgers are okay. Definitely no fish. I hate fish so that’s a no-brainer.”

Ready or Not: Bob’s Birth Story

During my pregnancy, Mr. Rosenberg, kept me supplied with the white bread sandwiches I was craving. He didn’t complain when our bed was turned into a repository for oddly shaped body pillows. He played the guitar and sang, “I Love You a Bushel and a Peck,” to me and The Tummy. He was on board…

When He Speaks With Italics

“Mom! I figured it out for basketball. I’m actually taller than the other guys so I can actually reach the ball better and that’s a rebound. And if someone is throwing a pass to some one else, I’m still taller so I can grab the ball and that’s a steal. Do you see what I…


> “I can’t believe you guys kept playing while it was raining, Bob.” “Well, Coach Tom said, (British accent) ‘A little wet? Unlucky! Play on! Play on!’”