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SmacksyLisa Rae Page Rosenberg is a survivor of 16 years in the television business. She worked, by turns, as a writer, director, producer, casting associate, and the gal who gets everybody’s Starbucks order. Later, she spent time as a counselor at an outpatient program for adorable teens with un-adorable psych and addiction issues. Working in the orbit of actors, rock stars, comedians, and teenagers prepared her for a current gig as the stay-at-home mother of a pre-schooler named Bob. Lisa writes a family humor blog called Smacksy and on occasion, enjoys talking about herself in the third person.

The Helper

“I’ve got to hurry, little guy. Have you seen my black –“ “Bra?” “No, shoes. I need my black high heeled –“ “Bra? Your black bra?” “No, honey, shoes. I can’t find my black heels.” “You have a black shirt, you need a black bra.”


Momaw Nadon, so they tell me It started with the collection of Star Wars action figures that Jeff had held on to since childhood and then passed on to Bob last summer. Add to this, one successful Star Wars themed birthday party, plus a number of almost over due library books, our home printer, and…