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I Can’t Believe I Actually Had to Say This…

I teach 8th grade and every day is a new adventure. While all days are exhausting, most are at least somewhat amusing. “Colton, please stop drinking sparkling apple juice from an empty chip bag!” Yep, I actually had to say that today. You just can’t make this stuff up. Sidenote: I do have to hand…

Baby Food!

I made my own baby food with Sprocket and wanted to do the same with Spark. I realized I never really documented any of it and wanted to put together a post that showed some of the process. The underlying theme is the same regardless of the food…cut, steam/boil, puree. $13.85 worth of produce

Potty Training Success: Three Turds at the Brewery

Potty Training is no joke. We had two ramp-ups to potty training that both ended in a crabby toddler and over-stressed parents. Last spring break we did the whole “lets just hang out naked and wait for the potty bell to go off every 10 minutes” approach. Sprocket was very confused by the pee coming…

A Planking Spanking

When Normie challenged me to the 30 Day Plank Challenge…I thought it would be easy. B and I religiously planked for about 5 days, then forgot a day, then caught up, then forgot three days, then gave up. Pathetic. Then, B’s dad, Mr. Smitty, came to town and mentioned that he had also started…and finished…the…

Big Girl Pants: Life is Sweet…and Salty…and Full of Coke

I have been stuck in this weird twilight zone between maternity leave and going back to work. My sub has been pretty overwhelmed, so I went back for a total of 3 days to teach the Science Fair to my lovely 8th graders. So, that means grading, lesson planning, and parent emails — without actually…

Putting the Run Back in See Teacher Run

It has been a while. A long while. The problem with having a blog, is that it documents everything — even how long it has been since I ran. The last post I wrote about running was December 8th. DECEMBER 8TH! I am not quite ready to run yet, but I am ready to begin…

Clinging to the Pride: Fake It Till You Make It

I have always tried to make this blog an authentic representation of my shenanigans. Sometimes that has been easy — like when recounting a tough race or discussing a nutrition plan for a long run. But, sometimes, that has been hard — when things get messy, like a potential hysterectomy or dealing with preggo emotions….