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sugarloafbabyMother to one crazy but delightful daughter, my days are full of diaper surprises, never-ending nursery rhymes and rewarding baby belly laughs. Follow me in my daily discoveries of what this motherhood thing is all about!

Peanut’s First Hike!

This weekend, we decided it was time for Peanut to take her first hike. The weather had finally cooled down a notch to make this possible, so off we went! Daddy C carried Peanut in her Moby Wrap. She loved looking around at all the wonderful things to see! We passed a beautiful lake lined…

Roll-y Poll-y

Peanut has really gotten the hang of rolling! Just look at this picture, and know that I originally put her down in the middle of that blankie. Barely 10 minutes had transpired when I returned to find my daughter completely on the other side! She gives me a look as if to say, “Well, you…

3-Month Growth Spurt from You-Know-Where

Peanut isn’t quite 3 months, but that hasn’t stopped her from wanting to grow like the rest of them! Last Thursday, she stopped sleeping and started eating. And eating. And not sleeping. And eating. Although her sleeping patterns were all skewed due to her vacation to the nation’s capitol over Labor Day weekend, this was…

Sew Pretty and Chic

It’s officially been years since I’ve touched my sewing machine. Although I was the girl who made her own prom dresses and delightedly dabbled in designing, sewing took a backseat once I left for college. But this last week, I did sometime wacky. I dusted off that baby and ripped some seams! In effort to…