Blogging Guidelines

Here’s an overview on what we’re looking for in a JustMommies Blogger!

First and foremost, we want you to have fun with your blog.

Since JustMommies is read by a large audience, we ask that your posts:

  • are relevant for a mommy blog.  While an occasional off topic post is fine, please remember that you are writing for a mommy blog and try to stick with posts that relate to the JustMommies audience.
  • contain appropriate language for a family-friendly site
  • are written well, with proper spelling and grammar.  Whenever possible run your posts through a spell checker.

We’re looking for specific types of posts:

  • posts containing personal experience or stories which are interesting and relevant to moms, moms to be, or women trying to conceive.
  • research about fertility, pregnancy, or child and parenting related products, services, etc.
  • lessons you have learned about trying to conceive, pregnancy, or parenting
  • DIY activities or crafts that other moms would find useful or entertaining
  • posts on topics you feel passionate about such as breastfeeding, homeschooling, children with special needs, pregnancy loss, infertility, or any other parenting or fertility related topic that you feel passionate about.

Before applying to JustMommies, please think about whether or not you’d enjoy writing for a large audience.  It’s not for everyone, as it’s a different kind of writing.  But if you like to help people, then it can be deeply rewarding.

If this sounds like the kind of writing you’d have fun doing, please send us your application along with the information found here.