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It’s a Roller Coaster… Baby!

Last week on Tuesday, we got an inquiry from our adoption agency.  They were going to start working with a law firm in another state.  It was our choice whether or not this law firm would have access to our profile.  We were forewarned that adoptions in this state can cost upwards of $40k.  (Compared…

The Truth

The truth is…. Lately, the more I try to act “as if” in regards to a child and family, the harder it is for me – and pretend used to be my favorite game! The truth is… I have three baby name books, and each time we hear news of another possible birth mother coming…

Some News!!

On Wednesday morning, I got a phone call from my husband at the office. I really hate it when he calls the office phone to tell me something, because in the past it has always been not great news. The last time, I remember him calling me there was to tell me that his grandmother…

Visualizing Baby

I am fortunate enough to work for two amazing chiropractors, Dr. Dawn Cadwallader and Dr. Rob Cadwallader.  They came into my life by way of a friend, Jess.  Jess and I went to high school together.  Jess and I didn’t like each other very much…well, at all… in high school.  There was a boy involved,…

“Hey! Guess What!?”

As an “about-to-be” adoptive mother, I have worked through the grief.  I have grieved for my unborn child and have peace with the fact that I will never be pregnant. I am truly OK with that. But no one and nothing can prepare you for the sting that inevitably comes every time you hear the…