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2nd Annual Cloth Diaper Survey

Do you use cloth diapers?  Have you ever used cloth diapers?  Diaper Shops (Kelly’s Closet) wants to hear from you.  Their 2012 Cloth Diaper Pulse Survey is collecting responses from 3,000 participants (moms, dads, caregivers, etc) about their cloth diaper habits. The survey will take about 10-15 minutes to complete and will ask you all sorts…

Day 4: Real Simple, Real Cute!

Real Simple Real Diapers for Babies – Health benefits, cloth diapers in hospitals, or cloth diapers in day cares. Photo Credits: Nicki’s Diapers For Cloth Diapers in Day Cares… We have not tried, but last week I send emails and left messages with a few in my area and haven’t received any response from any…

Day 3: Real Simple, Real Cheap

Today is all about how your baby can be stylish, eco-friendly, and dry without breaking the bank. Whether you choose to use disposables or cloth (we do buy disposables for night time), it’s always a goal to save some money while doing it. I live in a very low income area, and when I go…

Cloth Diapers: Real Simple, Real Risks

So day 2 is all about Waste Reduction (Environmental benefits & Elimination Communication)! Waste reduction is just a plus for most families. A good portion of families who use cloth diapers chose it for cost purposes, not for environmental benefits. But we should really look at that aspect when considering using Cloth. And, for those…

Real Simple, Cloth Diapering 101

Day 1: Real Simple Real Diaper Outreach/Cloth Diapering 101 *Part 2* Cloth Diapering 101… When I first started, I read, read and read! You should be educated before you make your first purchase. You can just buy a few different diapers and just figure out what kind of diapers you like, and there are some…

New Cloth Diapers!

In the past, we have simply used prefolds with covers for cloth diapering. It’s worked out well for us, but we still found we preferred disposables, and we were reluctant to use them. With the cost of diapers quickly escalating, I knew we needed to invest in a few cloth diapers that functioned similar to…

Pining for pins

I decided earlier this week that I would give flats a go – that was all well and good until I realized that the fabric of my [single] flat is an ‘unsnappiable’ fabric, therefore I would need to do something I had refused even try… I would have to use pins. Thursday, the girls and…

Once you’ve had fleece… You’ll never go back

The whole point of this blog post is to rave about the awesomeness that is fleece. I have posted a lot about my hunt to find the right night time combo – recently, I have been using prefolds, which has worked out well, but if Emersyn had a bottle or two overnight [as she tends…

Annette Street Library Program for Children

Noah had a fantastic idea on Friday: to go to the library. It had been a while since we had visited the drop-in program there (which is run by the Macaulay Child Development Centre – In fact, I had never taken all 5 kids there. We packed a lunch and headed out, with 3…