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Shaker Bottles: A Fun Activity

Shaker bottles are a fun and interesting way for your infant to explore the properties of sound as well as develop motor skills! By putting various fillers into the bottles, you can create a sound experiment that is bound to captivate your little one’s attention. Jonah loves exploring the different sounds of each bottle, as…

Humpty Dumpty Craft

Mommy taught me the Humpty Dumpty nursery rhyme while we did a craft for it. Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall Mommy cut out squares and rectangles in lots of different colors and helped me learn the difference between the shapes. We glued them on to a piece of construction paper to make a wall….

All About Horses

I got to learn about horses today. I kept confusing them with cows so Mommy decided to set me straight. We watched some horse videos on You Tube.  One horse named Patches was riding in a car! We had horse food, carrots and apples, for a snack. I colored a horse with my crayons and…