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Planning ahead (or “counting the chicks before they hatch”)

Back in February of 2008 I was going through the process of re-negotiating my contract with my current ’employer’. I use the quotes because I’m technically self-employed, which requires a lot of thought into how the contract works for both users, and the over-use of many brain cells to ensure that we use the financial…

2 things that are not conducive to family planning

1. Wallpapering in a small space with the man you love. Only to be attempted by the truly insane, preferably on a weekend when it is sunny and warm and likely to be one of the last true hot weekends before winter hits. If you can, choose a paper that has a pattern that repeats…

Month number 23 and counting

One of the struggles I have had since moving to New Zealand is finding a group of girls to call my ‘girlfriends’. It’s no surprise to me that I don’t have a huge group of people to call my friends, I never had this anywhere. I’m more of the type that has just a small,…

When does your tax return become welcome?

This has been the month of silence. That matter of which we will not speak of has had so little air time that it’s almost been a non-issue. Almost. Now that this cycle is drawing to a close my brain is BEGGING me to pay attention to my body. It REALLY wants to notice that…

And I shall wear my tiara when I become a mom!

On my wedding day I so loved wearing my tiara that I made the claim that I would wear it giving birth. It was a flip comment, but I’m now convinced that I must do it. It sits around my folic acid, daring my body to have to follow through on the promise. Bring it…