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One year.

So, it has been over a year since I started this blog last April. Back then, I was pregnant, neurotic, creative, and needing an outlet. Today I am watching my daughter’s first birthday approaching with what could only be described as a mix of trepidation, excitement, and nausea. She can’t be one. No. She is…

First day of summer!

It’s the first day of summer, and I’m sitting outside on my back porch researching WordPress themes for myself and a client. I’m trying to find the perfect design for Re-Think Recreation’s site, as well as a client of mine that I like to call “the un-accountant.” I can’t think of a better way to…

Re-Think Recreation

Wow, I sure disappeared for a few days there! Sorry about that. Hubby and I have been working very hard to get things going with our new campground company. We’ve actually made the executive decision to work with all types of outdoor/wilderness recreation, to increase sustainability, social and cultural responsibility, and profitability – simultaneously. A…

Family Business

Not all mom entrepreneurs are sole proprietors… No, many mom entrepreneurs are actually partners in a business with their significant other or other family members. Sometimes, this makes a great solution for moms who need more flexibility with their work, who wish to work in a business that requires more time commitment than is possible…

How to Market a Cloth Diaper Business

Or “How to Sell Lots and Lots of Diapers!” In my digital travels, I’ve come into contact with many, many moms running cloth diaper businesses. Whether you sew your own, retail, or wholesale, a cloth diaper business faces a multitude of unique challenges. If you yourself are in the cloth diaper business (or any business…

Breaking news – I’m not rich.

A lot of business coaches, experts, and professionals have a tendency to pretend that they live in an impenetrable fortress of success. That they, unlike you, drive Bentleys, live in giant mansions on the California coast, travel the world first class, and never eat caviar before noon. And you’re probably expecting me, someone who talks…

Get Featured!

We’re looking for some very special mompreneurs to get featured on our blog… We want to ask you some questions about your business, and then give you some tips for improving your marketing right here in a blog post. In return, you get the marketing tips (obviously) – AND you get exposure of your products…

What is a brand?

So we’ve talked a lot over the last little while about branding and how to do it… But what is it? What does it mean to your business? Is it really something you can do? Is it something you should do? Well let’s start with a basic definition of a brand. Not the “corporate” definition…

3 Steps to Confidence in Business

As if we women don’t face enough issues in motherhood and life, one that often comes up is the issue of confidence and self esteem. The old stories always come up… “I don’t know how to run a business…” “I’ve never sold products before…” “What if my clients/customers find out that I’m new?” “What if…