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4-H : a year with rabbits

With three out of four kids now owning rabbits, this was a big year for us in 4-H. Alexei and Ibis attended two 4-H rabbit shows, and we had two litters of babies, the first unsuccessful and the second a big old fluffy pile of cuteness. Of all the 4-H animal projects, this one is…

4-H : focus on photography

Today, Alexei and Ibis put the finishing touches on their 4-H project books in preparation for handing in at Thursday’s County Council meeting. Once again, I was completely impressed by their efforts and the broad range of activities in which they participated this year. I can’t say it enough: if you homeschool, 4-H is a…

All’s fair that ends fair

Finally, the photos from the last weekend of the fair are upon us! In addition to Alexei’s rabbit activities, Ibis had her shoebox float parade and the kids had to work for an hour in the 4-H strawberry shortcake booth as community service to help raise money for our county’s clubs. The last big thing…

Hippity hoppity

Hard to believe he’s ten and about to embark on his first rabbit show adventure. Also hard to believe that’s a rabbit.

Striking gold (or green!)

You can teach kids long division, and you can drill them in handwriting. You can ask them to write a description, learn to spell, or even read a science chapter about animals. Chances are none of that will be too exciting for them, and if any of it sticks around, you should consider yourself lucky….

My Fair Lady

Tomorrow is the big day: fair registration, the day the kids and I commit ourselves to what we’re entering, dragging along, piecing together, slaving over, and lugging to the fair next month. I admit I’m giddy over this – we had so much fun last year, our first year in 4-H. We were absolutely clueless,…