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Failed Adoption

I contacted a woman regarding adoption a couple of weeks ago, and at first it seemed perfect. There were some red flags from the beginning, but given her situation, we decided to take the wait and see approach. However, as time went on, we became more and more uncomfortable with the situation. In fact, in…

Due Dates and adoption

Based on EDD’s (estimated due dates), I should have an almost 4 year old (in Oct), a 3 year old (next week), a 2 year old (in less than a month), and an 8 month old (tomorrow). I hate July. It’s one of those months that provides a strong reminder of what I’m not allowed…

And it starts!

Within hours of the announcement we had people asking how they could help. A few of those ladies, rather than asking, offered to run a fundraiser for us. The first is now up and running: https://kcardwell.scentsy.us/Buy?partyId=38314673 Kristin has gracious offered to let this run for 6 weeks and is giving us 100% of her profit…

New plan (again)

Hopefully, this will be our last ever ‘new plan.’ Today, we went to an adoption seminar. I won’t bore you with all the details. I will say that Chris and I are both glad we went. There were three attorneys present that spoke about the local laws. Going in, I was nervous that this would…