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Today There are Words.

A year ago, I had books on my nightstand about happiness, birthing, and babies.  I was waiting for Quincy to join us and complete our family, and I was happy.  Today, my nightstand has a big basket full of medical equipment.  An oxygen saturation monitor, a stethoscope, inhaler medication, spacers, and nasal aspirators sit where…

This is when having an anxiety disorder sucks

Gaby is going for her first ‘big girl’ trip without Mummy just after Christmas. She’s going to spend 4 nights with Aunty Terri & Uncle Evan down in Queenstown.  I know that Gaby is going to love it, I know that Terri & Evan are going to love it, but I can’t help but worry…

… and then there is the anxiety

I always think that getting pregnant is the hard job – then as soon as I get my BFP (whether it was planned, or not) – along comes the anxiety.  I guess after experiencing 4 1st trimester losses, a lot of the innocence & excitement of pregnancy, is gone – and it has been replaced…