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Cave art and toddler lapbooks

We’ve made it through the first week of school; this used to be a big deal, but this year for the first time there wasn’t a whole lot of, “Oh crud, what was I thinking?!?” going on. I guess it only took six years to get here! I’ve set our days up to have Friday…

Overheard at the Park

“Mom? Did you see my picture? It’s of me and Bob.” “That’s great, Mia. Is it for Bob?” “No, it’s for mom.” “It’s for me? That’s so sweet.” “No, it’s for the other mom, Bob’s mom.”

That Is Really… Something Else

“Mom? Did you see what I made?” “That’s great, babe. I like… your use of color.” “It’s black.” “I see that.” “Do you know what it is?” “A Star Wars thing?” “No.” “A bowl with a spoon sticking out of it?” “No.” “A wig-on-a-stick?” “Mom! It’s an umbrella!” “And it’s a lovely one, buddy.”

The Artistic Mind of a Three Year Old!

Not long ago I spoke about the dead silence that most mothers know – the silence that alerts you to the antics of your 2-3 year old child, sending you leaping from your task to see what sorts of shenanigans your child is up to.   I can’t remember exactly what I was doing at…