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Friday Freebie: Falling Leaf Language Activity

I was checking out some other speech therapy blogs this week and came across a great post from Jenna at Speech Room News on how she used some foam leaves to work on “wh” questions with her students. Her post inspired me to think up a fun activity to target toddler and preschool language skills…

Fall Leaves Using Black Glue

Around Halloween time, I saw the coolest project on Madtown Macs.  They used black glue to create some spooky Halloween pictures.  We never had time to make those pictures, but with Fall upon us, we made some leaves using the same arts and crafts technique. Supplies you will need: Black paint White glue in a…

Leaf People

Last time I was at the dollar store, I noticed some leaf cutouts in the seasonal section.  These were not paper leaves, more like the kind you would find on a garland.  I bought them, thinking I would use them in a holiday display. But with life being what it is, the leaves never made…

Fall Craft for Kids: Tree and Leaf Wall Decoration

Materials: 5 white sheets of Bristol Board pencil paintbrushes brown, red, yellow and orange paint scissors leaf shapes (cut-outs) that are roughly 4-5 inches in height (You can trace real leaves or use printables from the internet) 2 large (12 x 18 inch) sheets of green construction paper 6 large sheets of blue construction paper…