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Dear Target:

Breastfeeding is not obscene. See? Recently, in a Houston, Texas area Target, a breastfeeding mom was harassed and humiliated for breastfeeding, discretely, in the store. Yesterday, a nationwide Nurse-in was staged in more than 250 Target stores in 35 states across the country, and even in Canada. Here I am with one other mom, nursing…

I’ve been banned

That’s right. I’ve been banned from News Word Radio’s Facebook page. I never attacked anyone, I didn’t post profanity, I didn’t threaten anyone, nor did I post obscene photos, yet I was banned. I believe I was banned because I posted this photo of my Grandmother nursing my Mother in 1948: There is nothing obscene,…

In Protest (Since we’re entitled that)

You know – like the way we’re entitled to our opinions. I have opinions on many many things, very strong opinions on most. This includes breastfeeding. I am all for breastfeeding. This includes nursing in public. Many of you know my stance on breastfeeding isn’t the best. I’m for it and I agree that, for…

I support your right to say something really really stupid

Social media is a wonderful thing.  Say something stupid in a public setting (like on your radio show) and you can guarantee that it’ll spread like a wild fire all over Facebook, Twitter, etc.  Just like this gem that I happened upon today: http://newsradioword.everyzing.com/m/audio/32435958/russ-lisa-in-the-morning.htm Skip forward to about 6 minutes into the broadcast and you’ll…

Kim Kardashian’s Breastfeeding Tweet

I’m usually not one for following celebrity nonsense, especially people who are celebrities just for being celebrities.  This story really caught my attention and I can’t help but not comment on it.  Kim Kardashian (who’s sister has a baby boy she BF’s) made a comment on her Twitter that blew me away… “EWW Im at…

Know Your Rights! Breastfeeding in Public.

I realize that World Breastfeeding Week is over, but there is something I have been thinking about for a while and wanted to post about.  Everytime I nurse my son in a public place, I am always prepared with a witty comeback to defend my rights.  But, I am not prepared with what I should…