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Bamboo Bums Utility Diaper Review

Bamboo Bums is a WAHM and WAHG run and made company.  The diapers are all made from viscose from Bamboo. Bamboo has so many advantageous properties.  Even though it is now classified as Viscose from Bamboo or Rayon from Bamboo there are many reasons bamboo is good for your baby and your diapers.  Bamboo velour…

Cloth Diaper Detergents- Tiny Bubbles

I have spent a lot of man hours since having my son trying to perfect my laundry routine.  Lord knows I have worked at the routine I have, which involves Tide and Dawn and lots and lots and lots of rinses.  I am a big fan of The Natural Baby Co, which many of you…

Hello Sunshine! or A Gentle Approach to Pools

Finally, summer is here in Northwest Ohio! After being thoroughly jealous of everyone else’s warm and sunny weather, we finally got our turn. For one day, anyway. Yes, sandwiched between the cool, rainy, gloomy 50 F weather, we had one sunny day this week that was 75 F! On days like this, a very dear…