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Kid Friendly Grown Up Space

Our living room was getting a little out of hand with a mess of toys.  Mr. BBH and I needed a solution to reign in the clutter and figure it out before the new baby comes. (Granted, we have some time, but we wanted to reclaim the space). Cluttered kids toys

Friday Five: The Opposite of Charlie Sheen

I have been a soldier this week, because despite the fact that I’ve been battling illnesses, exhaustion, and ennui, I still managed to uphold my commitment to my 40 Bags in 40 Days project.  Doing a deep clean is no joke – and I mean that. Every day, I’ll look around our house and think,…

Discovery Doesn’t Always Make You Christopher Columbus

(Apparently this guy has never been in my kitchen!) Last night, I felt compelled to continue the organizational roll I was on by rearranging my kitchen cabinets.  Although my husband attempted to excuse himself out of my 40 day challenge (“Good luck with your project” he commented unwisely upon viewing my list), I pulled out…

File it under g – for good gracious that looks good!

I always assumed that when I found my partner in life that they would be the one to help me ‘get my act together’. I mean, my act was good – it was financially ticking over quite well and, due to many many hours in the gym, I was very happy with myself physically.  I…