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The Tooth Fairytale

Once I had a girl who broke her tooth.  So, off to the dentist we went to get it fixed.  My expectations for her cooperation were very low after she bit the dentist’s “barbie mirror” during our first visit.  She showed signs of feeling nervous when the dentist came to get started on her tooth. …

Baby Sharp Tooth

I’d like to introduce you to my baby sharp tooth.  She went for her first visit to the dentist a few days ago.  Her very sweet dentist made fast friends with her and even got permission to take a look at her “pretty princess teeth” with her “neat barbie mirror.”  All went well until the…

Putting the Childhood Dental PTSD Behind Me

I remember my early childhood dental visits as if they were only yesterday…the dentists name was Dr. Karet (I think that’s how it was spelled) and it was pronounced like the vegetable so as I child I heard the following “Dr. Carrot”. Dr Carrots office smelled like alcohol and old man and it had that…