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I take it back!

I’m sure you remember my review on Up & Up (Target brand) diapers from last month. If you haven’t read it, click here. I take it all, well most of it, back! I bought a box of them (biggest box of size 3 contains 96 diapers) and I’ve used almost 3/4 of the box and…


My husband just came downstairs after changing the baby’s diaper. “You are not going to believe what is in this dipe,” he said, thrusting it at me. My mind raced with possibilities, none of them particularly palatable, and I shrunk away from my husband’s offering. He opened it up and presented it to me ceremoniously,…

From Pampers to Up & Up – a review

We have been a Pampers using family since  my son’s birth and they’ve always worked well for him. I have thought about trying store brand diapers, but I’ve been too afraid to try anything else in fear of other diapers not meeting expectations and ending up being a waste of money. The truth is that…

My son is lacking a fluffy bum :(

I, the Queen of Cloth, have my son is disposables for the time being.  I came to the hard decision to use disposables on our quick trip to Tampa, FL.  We leave tomorrow morning but I am not willing to leave my diapers dirty in the pail so I recently changed him from his last…