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Weekend Deal!

This is our dinner tomorrow night. Well, quick dinner. As you may know, we’re up in Corpus Christi for a family wedding, and we were looking for an awesome deal to eat between the “Church” part and the “Party” part. We got a winner! (Read the fine print… Online only!) If you have a busy…

5 Stars

Last week my husband and I got away for our very first trip without the children. My mother-in-law was amazing enough to offer to stay with the boys. We were super nervous to be away from them but they were fine, of course. We flew out on Wednesday and we were wrong in thinking that…

Changes are brewing.

I don’t really WANT to change things. I don’t really HAVE to change things. But if I am to be a good mommy & wife, I MUST accept the challenge & get ready for the changes that are in store. What may seem regular to a parent that has 1 baby at a time rather…

Dinner Is In The Oven… It’s 9AM!

I have the hardest time making dinner with both kids, especially since Willow does most of her longer naps in the morning/mid-day. And if I have to deal with raw chicken, forget about it. Once I get it on my hands, in the sink, on the counters, I won’t touch the kids at all until…