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Reusing Valentine’s Flowers

Who doesn’t love getting roses on Valentine’s day? I just love getting flowers, but I am sad that they never seem to last very long. Some of my roses had started to wilt and fall off the petals. Hubby challenged me to come up with a kids activity using the rose petals. Like I need…

Our Lovely Lilies

The lilies in our flower gardens are so delightfully in bloom! Here is a fun craft you can do to make your own paper lilies as well. Long-Stemmed Lilies craft from Crayola.

Is there anything sweeter …

than a little boy bringing flowers to his mama? I don’t think there is. Well, except for this. I have this God-awful bush of Black Eyed Susans in my back yard. I hate them and want to kill them, but am too lazy to actually do it. So everyday, my sweet little boy goes outside…