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Fluffy Mail! 7-11-09

I had very special fluffy mail yesterday!  It was originally sent to my address in NY, but my lovely husband sent it to me in NC so that I could begin my prepping and testing.  In my special package was 1 Kissaluv Marvel Fitted and 1 Booroi Trial package. Kissaluvs Marvel on the left, Booroi…

Fluffy Mail!!! Prefolds for me!

While I was on vacation I had USPS hold my mail.  This meant on the day of my return I would find a mailbox stuffed with glorious fluff!  This edition of fluffy mail features prefolds!  I purchased these from FSOT from another mom on Justmommies.  I got 2 Organic Bamboo Velour snappable prefolds, and one…

Fluffy Mail!!! 5-18

Today my mailman brought this adorable diaper! TK Cuddler Cubbies I bought it used from Justmommies.com cloth diapering forum where they have a “For Sale or Trade” subforum. I paid 13.00 which included the shipping. The diaper itself is actually made by a mom who is on the cloth diaper forum. The brand is TK…

Fluffy Mail! May 12.

I consider this Fluffy Mail.  I sent five of my Bum Genius 3.0 One Size  Pockets to be converted to snaps by a mom I know.  I chose the ones that the aplix was most raggedy on.  My son is modeling a converted moonbeam, and the other ones are just laid out to show the…

Fluffy Mail!!!

This is my first installment of Fluffy Mail!  Basically, everytime I get a new diaper- Fluffy Mail- I will post pictures of my adorable son modeling his new fluff. First, a Piddle Poddles AI2. Next, a Goodmama fitted- Pollock.