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They Say the Darndest Things

I keep meaning to write posts about the funny things Haeden says. Two is hard. I mean, really hard. But it’s also really freaking funny. That little silver lining coupled with his cuddles, kisses, and overall adorableness are what keep me from selling him on the black market these days. Anyway, since I never seem…

Ryan and the Tampon

Ryan (just coming out of the bathroom): “Mommy, what’s this?” (He holds an unopened tampon.) Me: “Um, that’s mine.” Ryan: “OK, well, what is it?” Me: “Don’t worry about it, it’s mine.” Ryan: “It’s candy, and you don’t want to share!” Me: “Nooooo! Trust me, it’s not candy.” Ryan: “Yes it is. You’re not being…

My daughter, the shoe

My daughter and I were sharing caramel popcorn this afternoon when she suddenly blurted out, “If I could be anything, I would be a shoe.” “A shoe?” I questioned, thinking that I had heard incorrectly. “Yeah, a shoe,” she said, picking