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CTWW – I’m back!

Change The World Wednesday is hosted by Reduce Footprints, an awesome blog that I came across through the Green Blog Hop and jumped right into the challenge. I plan to participate every week and hope to inspire and spread the word so that others can participate as well. If you participate, just leave a comment…

Green Tip Tuesday – Keep it Clean!

lkj Even though we buy most our food at our local farmers market or our local health foods store, organic, I still clean them! I just wanted to share with ya’ll what I use to clean them. Most of the time it’s a good wash with hot water and then I stick it in the…

Green Tip Tuesday -Let it Off

Yesterday I saw that the Daily Challenge for 4/11 was about GAS! Funny thing I had been journal-ing my MPG’s for about 2-3 weeks now and my results are pretty standard, but also have some odd findings as well. What I looked at what brand of gas the first two weeks and then speed the…

Going green!

I’ve decided I need to make more of an effort to ‘go green’.  After the earthquake a lot of our essential services are badly damaged – particularly the sewer system… because of this I’ve decided to start using a ‘menstrual cup’ – namely a Femmecup…  I know it isn’t recommended to flush tampons down the…

All Good Things Come To An End!

Yup, that is true…. I am honored to have been apart of this amazing event with Karen @ The Mommy Times, Arizona Mama and Diary of a Momma. I do have to apologize because during the event we had two sick girls, an ice storm and then I got sick! lol I hope you enjoyed…

Going Green

Hey everyone, We just cut down a few of those leafy, green, woodsy things so that we could distribute 450+ copies of this note about the importance of recycling.  You know the part where it says to bring your papers to our parking lot recycling bin?  We’ve made it easy for you – just bring…