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Busy little worker bees

A few weeks ago, me and the kids planted flowers is small pots, and we monitored and tracked their progress.  Melanie’s were the first to shoot up through the soil, and she was elated.  David’s followed a day or 2 later, and Joey’s straggled behind until we almost gave up on them.  But Joey, in…

Nana’s Snowmen

I have these little snow men that were my Nana’s, and since I have all of her things, I found them when I went through the garage. I’ve had them on my entertainment center, but I decided to stick them in their home… Yep, their home, the lovely North Idaho snow of course! 😀 One…

Curve balls

I should be used to them by now. My life has always been filled with interesting and unexpected things popping up. I don’t know why I am surprised – ever. Some of you already know my latest news, but I have been having trouble coming up with a way to put it in words here…