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10 Healthy Snacks on the Go Kids Love

Are you looking for some healthy grab and go snacks for your busy days? I know when I am in a hurry my snacks tend to not be healthy. I need to keep these wonderful snack ideas on the fridge. Sometimes we’re not able to get home right away after school, so I am always looking…

Healthy Snacks

This year our e-zine was blessed to have Heather Kinnaird, our amazing food contributor, join our team! She is going to share with us her yummy but healthy snacks for people of all ages. Heather blogs over at French Press, stop by and drool over her yummy recipes and while you are there make one of…

Food Prep Basics

Do you prep your foods when you bring them home from the grocery story? I started it a few months ago, and it makes everything so much easier. While I do enjoy cooking, I do like things to be quickly accessible especially when packing snacks for outings. Some things I do: Wash apples for easy…