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Saturday Six: The Non-Grinch List

Lest you think my heart has grown two sizes too small, here’s a happier list of things I DO like this time of year. 1)  Holiday Cards Christmas Cards are like reading People Magazine articles about people you actually know. Call me crazy, but I actually LOVE getting holiday cards.  I love seeing how people’s…

Holiday Panic

Guys, there are EIGHT DAYS TO CHRISTMAS.  EIGHT DAYS!!!!  When the school bus drops my moppets off this afternoon, I have two weeks of pure torture family fun to look forward to.  In the meantime….ACK!  I’m not ready for any of it.  My front room looks like the inside of a FedEx warehouse, there are so many boxes.  I…

Tis the season for holiday cards!

The Holidays are approaching much to quickly and one of my favorite parts of the holidays are all the cards I get from family and friends. This year I can’t wait to send my own since little bird is here to share in the holiday cheer. One of my favorite places to get cards is Shutterfly.com…

Holidays Past and Future

My poor, neglected blog. Somewhere, my creativity just fizzled, and while a few things have occurred to me to write, none of them have come to fruition. Our Fourth! The Fourth of July is not a huge holiday for me, perhaps because it is so new, perhaps because the idea of non-professional fireworks scares the…