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Recipe for a world geography co-op

Many people have told me how much they hated geography when studying it in school as kids. I’m always rather shocked; nerd that I was (ummm…..am), I always thought geography was awesome! History and economics and political science, blah blah blah, not so much, but places and the stuff that goes on there? And maps?…

See the Seahorse Unit Study

While my kids aren’t winning their wish of getting a pet seahorse (“thanks,” library book!), we have just finished up a super fun little study on seahorses after a few things fell into place nudging us in that direction. For instance, on our trip at the nature center, the kids came across a family of…

Click Beetles won’t bug you

The kids found an Eastern-Eyed Click Beetle in the backyard over the weekend, and we’ve been “bugging” the subject quite a bit. Dad caught a second one, so now we have two living in a mason jar with flowers, grass, and dirt. They are both named Seed. We picked up one of my daughter’s friends…

Lessons from Natural Disasters

Current events, geography, weather phenomenons, community outreach, compassion, writing, and spelling… We worked it all in today as we surrounded our lessons around the devastating tornado that ripped through Missouri last night, killing 90 and destroying a town. Weather websites had the recent natural disaster in photos. The American Red Cross issued this statement on…

Blizzard 2011

Groundhog day this year brought a blizzard of activities in our homeschool: we studied the word blizzard and how to look it up in a dictionary, then did various snow science experiments such as timing and observing a gallon of snow melting (they were amazed how little water is left after the snow shrinks away),…