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Choosing the right Hospital for YOU.

My second birth experience was a homebirth and I wouldn’t change a thing. But I also had a hospital delivery in what I believe to be a wonderful hospital. At the time I was looking for OB GYN’s (I never considered a midwife, it was so far off my radar you wouldn’t believe it.  I…

Everett’s Homebirth Story

Everett made his way into the world on October 20, 2010 at 6:44 am. This is how it went down. At around 1:30 in the morning my son, Fletcher, who is 23 months old, was yelling for “Mama” from his bed. I went in to give him a cuddle and get him back to sleep….

Potential early labor – hospital here I come!

I woke up at 1am with weird diarrhea-like pains, but I managed to sleep on and off until 5.45am. I woke up still with the pains, but worse. While I lay in bed worrying because Emersyn wasn’t moving, I realized slowly that these pains were coming somewhat regularly, and that whenever I had them, my…


A year ago today, I went to the doctor for my 39 week check up. I had already been to the doctor twice that week to monitor my blood pressure, which was high. I had left my job at the preschool a week earlier than planned because the doctor was concerned about the blood pressure…