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I haven’t forgotten, just processing

I was asked a few times if I’m disappointed that the baby is a boy. Of course I’m not! I don’t understand going through the excitement of becoming pregnant, maintaining that excitement for nearly 20 weeks, only to become disappointed that the baby has the wrong anatomy between their legs. Yes, we wanted a girl,…

And Baby Makes 5!

Thats right! We are pregnant again! I’m due between March 3rd and March 7th, making me 3 weeks 4 days to 4 weeks 1 day pregnant – so still very early. I am very excited but also quite calm this time around. We let Anthony read the test to the kids, and he was so…

Family Dynamics

The thing about a big family is that no matter what type of big family it is, there is a distinctive dynamic only present after 4 kids. The fifth one really gets the ball rolling on the crazy train. Some people can handle that big family dynamic. Generally, they are from a big family themselves,…


This past weekend we took the family camping which is another post in and of itself.   When we awoke the first morning and exited our RV, we were immediately met by the family camped out next door. The mom, a babe in her arms, ran over excitedly exclaiming, “Do you have five kids too??  My…